What do I do here? Info
Our FAQs page is a list of Frequently asked Questions. Instead of asking, you should look here if it has what you need. If it doesnt, feel free to ask on Discord and we might even add it to this page!
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I got punished but want the punishment removed! Users
Well that's no problem! We got a handy form for you to fill out, and once it gets reviewed, and it is a vaild appeal(all fields filled out), the punishment will be removed.
You can also use this if you want to be unbanned from our Discord server.
Links: Appeal Form

I want to be staff in SFG. How do i apply? Users + Roles
We also are constantly looking for staff, and if you feel like you are fitting the role, feel free to apply.
We are looking for experienced, active and patient members. If you are active in SFG, and want to help us out, be sure to apply-
We will only accept applications in which all fields are filled out with valid data. If you are found to be lying, your application will be instantly denied.
Links: Apply Form